Even a modest girl needs travel tools. By now, you are likely planning a quick winter getaway.  Whether you’re going international, across the country, or taking a road trip a couple hours away, make sure you bring these 5 travel products with you for any occassion!



Laundreez is a self-contained laundry system – no washer, no dryer needed! Just throw your clothes in the bag, add a few drops of detergents, let it sit, shake and drain. You rinse in the same bag, drain, squeeze and hang to dry.

Doctor Plotka™’s Travel Toothbrush


Check out their Travel Brush for foldable, easy storage and that extra clean feeling! Embedded with silver technology to eliminate 99.9% of bacteria build-up for up to 6 hours after brushing, you can keep those germs away while you show off your pearly whites all winter long!













World’s Smallest White Noise Machine


This portable white noise machine with upgraded, high quality earbud headphones fits in the palm of your hand. The World’s Smallest White Noise Machine is a portable sound machine that helps you sleep better on planes, manage tinnitus, improve concentration. It’s the best white noise machine of its size, since it includes 10 different tones of white noise, with tone adjustment and continuous sound (no loops).










Frankie Cameron


With all of the items we tote around while traveling, let’s face it, the interior of our bags get dirty. Frankie Cameron bags are the perfect genuine leather bags for busy fashion – forward travelers! Their detachable liner makes it easy to clean the bottom of your bag in seconds. When you need a deeper clean a quick hand wash can’t provide, the liners are also machine washable in the delicates cycle. From weekender bags and large totes to smaller cross bodies and clutches, Frankie Cameron has a purse for all of your travels.









Trophy Skin


Trophy Skin creates high tech beauty tools for all skin types. Trophy Skin offers microdermabrasion devices that smooth and brighten skin restoring that youthful glow. Their MiniMD is perfect for traveling as it’s handheld size fits perfectly into any travel bag!







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