Bow to Fear or Uplift Each Other With Service?

helping handsFear can overpower us if we let it. It is  time that we rethink how to direct our energy.  It is great thing when we can reach out to others. We actually should be thinking more about ways that we can help others.

Kimberly Faith is the author of the award-winning book, “Your Lion Inside: Discover the Power Within & Live Your Fullest Life.” Her podcast, “The Sisterhood Report,” is a leadership portal for women to connect the dots between past, present, and future.

An engaging speaker, trainer, master facilitator and executive coach, Kim brings experience that ranges from strategic facilitation and systems thinking to leadership development, communication skills, and personal branding. Her easygoing style and sense of humor has made her a hit with audiences large and small across the globe for more than twenty years.

She offered some wide news.

“I’m sure you’re aware there is a different path to take than what you’re being encouraged to follow,” says Kimberly. “By now, you’re likely finding yourself in a place of confusion, as we all are, unsure about the next steps to take.

Listen to the experts. Check sources. Protect your family… but also recognize we are at a ‘choice point.’ Do we uplift each other and find a way to serve, or do we bow to fear? If you are struggling right now, shift your focus outside of yourself. Ask how you can help, how you can be of service. Connect with your innate desire to give.”


  1. Fear will never take us where we want to go. Making a conscious choice to go in another direction will.
  2. Find someone else you can serve. One of the only ways I made it through the Great Recession back in 2008 — another point of great fear and hardship — was to stop thinking about myself and stop wringing my hands about my own future. There are always people we can serve in one capacity or another:
  • Reach out to your neighbors: Obviously, maintain the appropriate social-distancing practices, but call, email, connect on social media — such as on your community’s Facebook group (which most have). Someone who is worse off than you may need help.
  • Brainstorm ways to serve other people: Who can’t get to the grocery store? Who lives alone? Who have you not spoken with in a long time that could use your support?
  • Refocus your thoughts: When you catch yourself ruminating about your own troubles, pause and send prayers and good thoughts to others instead.


“What times like these do is they drive us apart or pull us together,” says Kimberly. “Stay safe, but recognize there is a middle path where you can protect your family while serving those who need it the most. The world needs you right now.”

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