How To Keep A Deceased Mother’s Memory Alive


Mother’s Day  can be painful for many. As we age death is a normal part of life. The important thing to do after someone dies, I have found is to cherish their memory.

Here are a few things you can do.

Create A Memory notebook

After someone dies it’s so easy to fall into a routine of not going out or not doing something, making your own memory board guarantees that you’ll have a creative afternoon. I give a notebook ton a person who loses a loved one. Have them  writ down very memory thy can bring up. Remind them as those memories come that they should record them.

Celebrate Their Special Days With A Special Action 

When my a birthday or memorial day arrives, mark it with a special action. Do a kind act for someone in their name. That way their love never dies. Those things will make you fel better and you will be sharing their love with the world.


These are just two simple ways to keep that special woman’s life alive.

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