The second Monday of January each year recognizes National Clean Off Your Desk Day. This is just the thing you have needed to inspire you to throw out a few things.

This day is an opportunity to begin your new year with a clean and organized workspace.  Whether your desk is in a private or shared office, cubicle, home or a make-shift desk on the counter, having your workspace uncluttered and organized will help you work more efficiently. A clean workspace improves productivity and inspires us, too. It often gives us a sense of serenity.

HOW TO OBSERVE #CleanOffYourDeskDay

While there are those who say they know where everything is, we all know a clean start helps give us a new perspective.

Tips for Getting Organized
  • Remove everything from your desk. Yes, everything.
  • Clean the surface. As you replace items, clean them with the appropriate cleaning supply. Usually, a damp cloth is sufficient, but other electrical items need specific care.
  • Get out the shredder and the garbage can. Shred, file, scan documents, business cards, recipes, photos as needed.
  • Place all documents and photos in the appropriate locations.
  • Shred and toss outdated documents, non-working pens, junk mail.

Don’t forget to replace that old calendar hanging on the wall. While you’re at it, vacuum up those dust bunnies and sanitize your keyboard. Place a fresh box of tissues on your newly cleaned desktop. You’ll be ready for new clients in no time.  Use #CleanOffYourDeskDay to post on social media.

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