I am the daughter of crafty man. My dad taught me all the short cuts, tips and musts of taking care of a house.  He taught me the art of tracking drafts and insulating the warmth in the house. Here are my first hand tips that you can use.

Thermal curtains #1 Hang super-thick drapes. Nice, thick fabrics, like velvet, especially when lined for extra warmth, do a good job of stopping drafts from seeping through windows into your rooms. Want even more warmth? Start with blinds or shades and layer heavy drapes on top.  I recommend Bed Bath and Beyond’s Commonwealth Home Fashions Thermalogic® Brooke Printed Grommet 84-Inch Window Panel. This contemporary Brooke Printed Grommet Panel is 100% polyester and extremely energy efficient. With room darkening and noise reducing features, this unique window panel is sure to enhance any bedroom and provide a peaceful night’s sleep. The current price runs about $60, but it is worth much more than that when you have the heat circulating in your home. If that doesn’t work, try JCPenney.  JC Penney offers an entire selection of energy saving curtains here. My favorite pick is MarthaWindow™ Fairmount Basketweave Grommet-Top Heavyweight Cotton Curtain Panel. They come in light colors and energ savings comes in at 30%! The cost runs about $48.00 .

#2 Check your windows!  I don’t care how new your windows are, there is bound to be a few drafts. My favorite thing ever is weather stripping. When you have Black High-Density Rubber Foam Weatherstrip tape is ideal for creating a seal around air conditioners, used as a gasket or to cushion and stabilize major appliances.

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 4.39.45 PM

This Weather-Strip can also be used with vehicles and around doors and windows for added utility. We use it all the time! Frost King has a great line of Products. You can also use it for your doors as well. Often there will be small drafts in between doors the stripping will help cut down seeping out of your heat! 


#3 Wrap and insulate your pipes!Make sure that you have closed all the drafts around your pipes. A broken pipe can be a real downer. Black Self-Sealing Pipe Wrap Insulation. Self-Sealing Tube Pipe Insulation from M-D Building Products blocks heat loss or gain to save energy. Use on hot or cold pipes. Stops condensation on cold pipes to prevent water damage. Pre-cut, self-sealing slits for easy application.

Screen Shot 2015-11-01 at 4.59.23 PM

Try these things out and should not only stay warm, you will save some money too!

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