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Money does not grow on trees.

Yes, I am aware that all of us have heard that comment from time to time when we were growing up. Now, as a home owner, and full fledged “I pay my own bills” adult I have discovered these practical short cuts help.

  1. Name-Brand: Whether its beauty products, pain relievers, clothes or other everyday items, give new products and brands a chance. Snagshout.com, a new social deals website, provides consumers with deep discounts on new products in exchange for reviewing the product on Amazon. Most of the deals are between 30-90% off of regular retail price for Snagshout users who are willing to try the product and leave an honest review within two weeks of purchase.
  2. Meat: Whether you’re shopping for one person or for a family of six, buying groceries isn’t cheap, especially when it comes to meat. Thankfully there are tips to help stretch your dollar for one of the most overpriced grocery items in stores, like keeping your eye on the expiration date or having the butcher slice the meat for you.
  3. Electricity: Keeping electric devices plugged in, especially when not in use, can increase an electric bill. For some customers, these “phantom charges” make up 10% of the bill! Learn ways to cut the cost, and in turn, be more energy efficient.

Whats your favorite money saver?


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