There is an old passage that we learn better from our elders. There is truth to that.

Here are your Five quotes from the elders that we should apply to our lives immediately.

Anna Wintour discussed the reboot of Conde Nast in the new world and  reflected on the change of staff and the world towards digital :

‘Everybody brings something different to a position. And it’s not cookie-cutter. Nobody is ever the same.  don’t like that word ‘fun’ because it sounds light. It’s intriguing. It’s intellectually stimulating. It’s different. Why do people want to get stuck in the past? If we sit back with our quills and the visors on and, you know, the old kind of printing presses that I used to see with my dad,” she said, referring to her father, Charles, who edited The London Evening Standard, “what is the point of thinking that way? Come on.’

Viola Davis shared these words:

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Janet Hubert reflected:

“I think the Black community has a lot to work on internally with what they deem successful…I think in the Black community, ratchet has became the new Black; ghetto has become the new Black.”

Richard Branson in his letter to a young self wrote:

There will be times where you want to give up and throw everything in. Don’t. By turning challenges into opportunities, you will find success you never realized you were capable of achieving. But you won’t always succeed. In fact, you will fail time and time again. That’s ok though, because failure is an inevitable part of every personal and entrepreneurial journey. It’s important to pick yourself up, retrace your steps, look at what went wrong, and learn from your mistakes.

Harry Belafonte shared:

You can cage the singer but not the song.

Pick your head up and smile. Look forward.

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