April 7th marks the beginning of the inaugural National Integrated Respiratory Care Week, recognizing integrated respiratory care and the respiratory care therapists, physicians, nurses and caregivers committed to providing quality care to patients who rely on ventilators to breathe.

The combination of knowledgeable specialists, advanced technology, and patient education brings together powerful results. Many patients with a range of conditions such as lung disease, muscular dystrophy, COPD, ALS, and other respiratory conditions requiring a ventilator benefit from advancements that brought integrated respiratory care to fruition. At a time when respiratory care specialists and healthcare professionals are on the front lines fighting a global pandemic from a respiratory virus, celebrating the benefits of integrated respiratory care is more important than ever.

HOW TO OBSERVE #IntegratedRespiratoryCareWeek

Recognize someone dedicated to integrated respiratory care – whether a doctor, respiratory therapist, nurse, or especially a patient or caregiver. Thank them for their contribution to improving respiratory health. Everyone involved deserves recognition for their contributions to improve respiratory care.

If you have experience with integrated respiratory care, please share your story using #IntegratedRespiratoryCareWeek to share on social media. Learn more at www.VentecLife.com.


The annual observance of National Integrated Respiratory Week recognizes the team of professionals, caregivers, and families committed to providing quality care to patients who depend on ventilators to breathe.

National Integrated Respiratory Care Week coincides with the anniversary of the FDA clearing VOCSN for approval on April 7, 2017and establishing the concept of integrated respiratory care. VOCSN, created by Ventec Life Systems, stands for the five devices that it replaces – Ventilator, Oxygen Concentrator, Cough Assist, Suction, Nebulizer. VOCSN bridges the technology divide between the hospital and the home. And it works for pediatric and adult patients.

Throughout the week, Ventec will be highlighting the benefits of integrated respiratory care to patients, caregivers, and providers. Topics will include:

  • Compliance: Making it easier for patients and caregivers to receive important treatment
  • Convenience: Having all therapies in one portable device with one circuit
  • Caregiver benefits: Easier to learn and fewer items to remember
  • Cost Benefits: The ability for providers to lower costs

Patient, caregiver, and customer stories will be shared at www.VentecLife.com to spotlight these and other benefits of integrated respiratory care.

In addition to producing an integrated device, Ventec Life Systems hoped to inspire those who rely on mechanical ventilation and those who are faced with a decision to use a mechanical ventilator to understand that they can still live a fulfilling and meaningful life. That hope and purpose is more important now than ever as healthcare professionals, patients and caregivers are all relying on ventilation and respiratory care to save lives amid a global pandem

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