Work It Out Wednesday: 2 Ways To Celebrate Life

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Each day you are alive is a gift. Things may be challenging, but there is always hope.

That hope is important and celebrating life is important.  For many of us the only time we celebrate our life is on our birthday. That shouldn’t be the only time.

Here are two two ways  you can celebrate life everyday.

1- Gratitude–  Be grateful for whatever you have. It may be as simple as the shoes on your feet. Be grateful for them. When you live a life of gratitude you have little time to be envious or stressed about what you don’t have. It is also healthy to remember that in an instant your life can change for the worse.

2- Release grudges and use forgiveness- Grudges sap energy and mental health. I know, it’s  not easy to let go of injuries that you incur. The first step to understanding forgiveness is learning what it is and isn’t. The next step is giving yourself permission to forgive and forget, letting go of the bitterness while remembering very clearly your rights to healthy boundaries.

Try these two things and win.

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