Education Tips To Prevent The Kids Summer Education Brain Drain

As the school year wraps up, many parents worry about keeping their child on track academically (and for good reason, as research shows students can lose months of hard-earned progress during this time!). I thought you might be interested in covering some important tips from Learning Heroes and the National PTA for parents to help prevent the dreaded “summer slide” and keep kids motivated, engaged and learning: 

  • From Homeroom to Home: Use the extra spare time in the summer to incorporate learning into non-school days in a playful way. Start a book club for your entire household or use these fun math worksheets organized by grade level to incentivize upcoming outings or cool down at the end of a hot day.
  • Keep It Social: More unstructured time for kids can be tough for parents, aggravating worries about social-emotional well-being. To make sure the dog days don’t leave you out of the loop on new friends and influences, ask your child at least one open-ended question about their social lives per day (“Who did you eat lunch with today?” and “What did you do at the pool?”). Research tells us that adults are often the last to know about problems like bullying, and making sure peer relationships are part of your regular conversations at home will help you to notice potential issues early – and make your child more likely to come to you for help right from the start.   
  • Start a College Conversation: One of the most powerful things parents can do to improve their child’s chances for success in college is simply to talk about it! Your child may be thinking more about water balloons and ice cream trucks, but don’t be deterred. Take a day trip to a nearby college and have a picnic on the lawn. Encourage them to talk to their camp counselors or coaches about where they went to school. Ask questions about how they’d like to spend their summers as they get older and are preparing to leave for college. You’ll learn more about what interests them, all while laying the groundwork for a solid academic future.  

Seventy-five percent of parents believe it is very important or absolutely essential for their child to attain a college education, according to a recent study by Learning Heroes. And while that may seem far off, it’s never too early to set your children on the right path!

For more tips and resources for keeping your child on track, visit Be a Learning Hero. 

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