At Play: 5 Things You Need For The Perfect Beach Day


So..I love going to the beach. There are few things that I could never live without for my beach days. My buddy said to me in a forlorn voice, “Summer is almost over.” I replied we have plenty of days left and buried my head back in my book.

Well as of today there are still 71 more days left! Sumer ends on September 23 this year.

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Here are my best picks for those days!  First you need a great beach bag. Target has a  few great ones. A good mesh one can go a long time.

A cheap throw blanket is great choice for your floor. It’s sot to the touch so that you have protection from the natural elements of sand.

Plush towels. You need two towels. One towel to lay across your chair and one to dry yourself off.

Beach chairs are key. If you are near a popular beach, there  are bound to be stretch chairs. Get one! It’s well worth it! You can stretch out your legs.

Make sue that you get a good sunblock. I have found Hawaiian Tropic Sunblock does the trick!

What’s your must have for beach days?



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