Screen Shot 2019-12-23 at 11.57.13 AMAs a Christian, or more specifically a Roman Catholic, I’m frequently asked, “Where is your God? If he’s so loving and powerful, why are there so many poor, lost people in the world?”

Such questions, often asked in an angry tone, are meant to be unanswerable.

Usually the person questioning this is an unbeliever who has had some pretty nasty experiences with people of faith. I apologize that you were treated with such inhospitable means.

No seriously I apologize.  I bet you want the answers to your questions though so I will attempt to answer them right here.

St. Teresa of Calcutta saw the hidden face of Christ in every person she met — especially in the poorest of the poor.

Christ is a 13-year-old boy on drugs who came from a broken family and never grew up. Christ is an illiterate man from Georgia who needs his birth certificate to get a job. Christ is a deaf mute wandering around alone in this dark world in the rain.

Christ is everywhere.

In our increasingly anti-Christian nation, where “In God We Trust” is all too frequently regarded as just an empty slogan on a dollar bill.

Those of us who have the eyes to see Jesus are called to open our hearts and be his hands, his ears and his mouth.

That’s it.  That’s Christmas in nutshell. Go be Christ-like.

As we enter this beautiful Christmas season, let us all seek Christ in every face that we meet.

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