Nearly all homeowners (92%) are investing in the environment through home projects and lifestyle changes, according to a new study by Angi. The top reasons are: it’s important to the homeowner, to save money in the long run, and to improve the home’s resale value.

While 68% of homeowners spent up to $5,000 on eco-friendly home improvements this past year, an additional 24% spent over that, with 14% spending over $10,000.

Homeowners and home pros are going green with eco-friendly updates, according to new surveys by Angi.
Homeowners and home pros are going green with eco-friendly updates, according to new surveys by Angi.

“According to the EPA, housing produced nearly 17% of the nation’s total global warming greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 alone, so it’s reassuring to see homeowners and home pros taking steps toward saving energy and making our homes more sustainable and eco-friendly,” says Mischa Fisher, Chief Economist at Angi. “Going green is a positive trend among homeowners, with most saying that if their neighbors started composting or installed solar panels, they would too.”

  • 24% of homeowners spent over $5,000 to go green last year
  • 92% of homeowners invested in eco-friendly home improvements
  • 63% of home pros have updated their businesses to be more eco-friendly

Popular Projects

Homeowners are investing in home projects and lifestyle changes to lower their impact on the environment and that of their homes. According to homeowners and pros, the most common eco-friendly home projects of the past year were:

  • Sealing/caulking windows
  • Improving insulation
  • Installing smart thermostats
  • Installing low-flow/dual-flow toilets
  • Installing Energy Star appliances

Homeowners haven’t only improved how eco-friendly their home is, they also made lifestyle changes to decrease their own impact on the environment. Top lifestyle changes from the past year included:

  • Started washing clothes on cold (47%)
  • Replaced regular light bulbs with LED bulbs (42%)
  • Got better at recycling (39%)
  • Switched to eco-friendly cleaners/detergents (31%)
  • Started taking shorter showers (29%)

“Two of the most popular eco-friendly lifestyle changes from the past year help preserve water, which is important given recent droughts and wildfires across the country,” adds Fisher. “If you’re looking to make more water conservation updates to your home, consider talking to a local landscaper about whether it’s time to install a rainwater collection system or in-ground irrigation system, and have them check for any leaks to ensure you’re not wasting water throughout the day.”

Top Planned Projects

When looking at what the most popular eco-friendly home projects will be in the year to come, pros and homeowners alike included the following at the top of their lists:

  • Installing smart thermostats
  • Using only eco-friendly cleaners/detergents
  • Improving insulation

Pros also noted that homeowners have become more willing to use recycled materials over the past year, and they expect that to continue through this year. They have also seen homeowners upgrading windows to smart, multi-paneled, dark-tinted or thermal options to save energy.

Home Pros Making Changes

Homeowners aren’t the only ones committed to making eco-friendly updates. When it comes to how home professionals are running their businesses, nearly half (46%) said they changed multiple things about their business to be more eco-friendly, and an additional 17% changed one thing in the past year. An additional quarter (26%) said they haven’t made any changes but are considering it this year. 

The most popular eco-friendly updates for home pros this past year were:

  • Using only eco-friendly cleaners/detergents (66%)
  • Recommending Energy Star appliances (63%)
  • Using sustainable packing/shipping materials (49%)
  • Driving electric/hybrid vehicles to worksites (38%)

“Making eco-friendly investments in our business that help our environment is a top priority,” says Yusuf Mehmetoglu, Owner of District Floor Depot. “We prioritize working with suppliers that only use sustainable milling practices and that source materials from environmentally responsible companies. Furthermore, we offer a wide variety of sustainable material options, recycle cardboard boxes and properly dispose of waste.”

You can find the full poll results here.

This data is based on surveys commissioned by Angi Inc. and conducted using the online survey platform Pollfish. The consumer sample of 1,000 U.S. adult homeowners was surveyed between March 23, 2022 and March 24, 2022. The margin of error is 3.1%. The pro sample of 600 U.S. home service professionals nationwide was surveyed between March 23, 2022 and March 27, 2022. The margin of error is 4%. No additional weighting was applied to either sample. Pollfish’s survey delivery platform delivers online surveys globally through mobile apps and the mobile web along with the desktop web.

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