Screen Shot 2019-08-04 at 12.14.39 PMIn this crazy life, all of us go through periods where we feel lost, hopeless, and simply at our wits end. However, true lost souls go through more intense periods of disassociation and confusion than the rest of us, and sometimes, they feel like their true path in life has evaded them.

Today most of us reading scripture will reflect on those people who seem to lost at sea or adrift in the world of chaos.

Chapter 15 of Luke’s gospel and consists of three parables in which Luke champions the theme that God’s mercy breaks through all human restrictions of how God should act toward sinners. God’s mercy, indeed, is as foolish as a shepherd who abandons 99 sheep to save one, as a woman who turns her house upside down to recover a paltry sum, and as a Jewish father who joyfully welcomes home his wasteful son who has become a Gentile. Because the disciples have such a merciful God, they can embark trustingly and joyfully on Jesus’ way to this God.

Lost souls feel like it’s them against the world, and feel very threatened by other people. They don’t have much desire to connect with anyone else, and put their walls up anytime someone tries to get too close. They live through their ego, so they cannot offer themselves unconditional love, and therefore, can’t give it to others either. You feel you walk this world alone, and have little to no faith than anyone will understand you. Lost souls take longer to find their true selves than others, so if you feel this way a majority of the time, don’t become discouraged.

You can be found. There are people looking for you.

Lost souls, remember that you get to decide how you will feel at any moment, and you can choose to reinvent yourself starting today. You don’t have to give in to feelings of despair, because you have more power than you could ever know. Realize your inner strength, and the whole world will start to look like a brighter, more inviting place.

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