According to a recent survey of 1000 Americans by Manly Man Co. (America’s provider of intriguing, never-boring gifts for men,) Only a third (33.6%) of Americans chose Father’s Day as being ‘one of the most important holidays.’ Adding insult to injury, Father’s Day was beat out by Mother’s Day (41.2%.)

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Key findings of the survey:

  1. A quarter of Americans may be dropping the ball on Dad’s big day:
    When asked if they have ever forgotten to get their dad a Father’s Day gift, A combined total of 26% of Americans said ‘yes’ or ‘maybe.’
  2. Better late than never?
    Asked how often they are late with a Father’s Day gift, nearly a third of Americans (30.2%) responded either ‘sometimes’ (12.7%), ‘always’ (11.9%) or ‘frequently’ (5.6%.)

    Ironically, men reported being frequently late with Father’s Day gifts (62.7%,) significantly more than women (37.3%).
  3. Presently confused:
    Asked how close to Father’s Day they purchase a gift, 7.5% of Americans asked ‘when is Father’s Day?‘ 5.7% said ‘one day before’ and 2.9% said ‘on the way to Father’s Day dinner.’
  4. The blame game:
    Asked who they blame when a Father’s Day gift is late, COVID topped the list at 10.7%, followed by US Mail/Couriers 9.3%, undefined ‘global shortages’ (7.9%), Kids (5.9%), Porch pirates (5.7%) and ‘vendors who they bought a present from’ (5.3%).
     Men are much more likely to blame ‘porch pirates’ (62.0%) than women (38.0%).
  5. BONUS findings – Bad Father’s Day Gifts
    Asked what the worst Father’s Day gift they ever received was, 22.3% of Americans said ‘nothing.’ 10.3% said a traditional ‘tie,’ and 4.9% said ‘socks.’

    The oddest bad gift responses included:
    ‘Macaroni art,’ a ‘bad letter,’ a ‘pet rock,’ a ‘fish plaque,’ ‘a plunger,’ ‘Pokemon cards’ and most strange of all ‘a taxidermied alligator head.’

Manly Man Co’s Father’s Day gift line-up:

World’s First ‘Carnivore Friendly’ Coupon Books

Sure, you want to gift Dad a King of the remote, Free Movie Night (Dad’s Choice,) Free Day of No Kids Whining’ and Free Car Wash coupon book … but what if dad could have his coupons and eat them too? Manly Man Co. has invented the world’s first ‘Carnivore friendly’ Father’s Day coupon book made of original smokehouse flavour beef jerky laser-etched with coupons of your choice.

Each book has your choice of our favourite coupons or it can be customized on demand. The cover page is customizable with up to 4 kids’ names.

$69.00 for 6 pages
$89.00 for 8 pages

‘Manly’ Beef Jerky Ties

Cheekily based on traditional ties, the ‘Manly Man’ version lets you gift your tie and eat it too. Crafted in delicious beef jerky and laser cut in the shape of a tie, the Meat-tie gives Dad something to talk about (and chew on.)

$23.50 (for 2.3 oz)

Meathearts – Father’s Day Edition

Based on our extremely popular Original Meathearts, Carnivores can now enjoy packs of mini laser-etched beef jerky hearts, laser engraved with Father’s Day sentiments.


  • Net Weight 2 oz. (approximately 20 pieces)
  • Laser-Etched Heart Shapes
  • Laser-Engraved Slogans & Designs
  • Slogans: #1 Dad®, My Hero, Best Friend, Pop U Rock!

The Valentine’s edition Meathearts famously sold out in one hour, broke Manly Man Co’s servers due to so much traffic and shattered daily sales records! We’re expecting the same with the brand new Father’s Day Edition Meathearts.


Why would any man want a boring cardboard card when they could get a custom card laser-etched on beef jerky? Customers are encouraged to print whatever message they want to deliver directly to their ‘manly man’ Dad. (We don’t judge.)

$22.50 for 100 custom characters laser engraved on a card-sized (4″x9″) sheet of delicious beef jerky.

The Beef Bouquet (Father’s Day Edition)

It’s a tasty and tasteful arrangement of gourmet beef sticks in multiple flavors.
(includes 6x smokehouse beef sticks, 6x Teriyaki Beef Sticks and 6x smokehouse hot and spicy sticks.)

The Bacon Bouquet (Father’s Day Edition)

This arrangement includes an assortment of individually packaged thick-cut slices of gourmet bacon… Each bouquet is delivered ready to enjoy and includes:
(5x) Smokehouse – Sweet & Spicy, (5x) Smokehouse – Sweet,  (5x) Smokehouse – Habanero Heat,
and (5x) Smokehouse – Thai Curry.


The famous Beef Jerky Flower Bouquet

What says you love your ‘manly man’ Dad more than a dozen beef jerky ‘flowers’ in a handsome bouquet delivered in a pint glass vase?

Ditch the pretty flowers for the perfect meat-based manly version.
$89.00 for a full dozen, $59.00 for 8, available in 3 flavors.

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