Parties are a fun way to connect with friends, family, or neighbors and meet new people that are sure to become fast friends. Or will they? We’ve all been to parties where the guests are less than hospitable. In light of our shared experience with both model guests and rotten ones, RTA Outdoor Living ( wanted to see which states had the best and worst party guests.

RTA Outdoor Living conducted a nationwide survey centered around party guests and their behavior. It polled over 3,400 Americans and asked them to rate their typical guests on a scale of 1 to 5, with 1 being the worst guest behavior and 5 being the best. 

It also asked respondents to weigh in on general habits from party-goers, including if they “snoop” around the house or clean up after themselves.

The states with the best party guests are all over the map, with Tennessee coming in first with an average score of 3.80 out of 5.00. The next state that has the best party guests is New Jersey with 3.78. The third and fourth states on our list of best party guests are Wisconsin and Hawaii with an average score of 3.72 and 3.70, respectively. So, it stands to reason that there are good party guests everywhere, not just in a certain area of the country.

#1 – Tennessee, #2 – New Jersey, #3 – Wisconsin, #4 – Hawaii, #5 – Missouri, #6 – Arizona, #7 – Michigan, #8 – Texas, #9 – Ohio, #10 – Minnesota

The top three states that rated themselves as the best party guests are, interestingly, the top three states in our first section. New Jersey was by far the state with the most self-votes with 8.79% of respondents giving it an average of 3.89 out of 5.00. Wisconsin and Tennessee were a little bit more modest with their feedback.

The states that fall below the national average are also varied. Delaware (3.36), Nebraska (3.40), Iowa (3.40), Oklahoma (3.41), and Maryland (3.46) make up the top five states with the worst party guests. Interestingly, West Virginia, Mississippi, and South Carolina made this list, perhaps showing that being from the southeast doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going to always mind your manners.

#1 – Delaware, #2 – Nebraska, #3 – Iowa, #4 – Oklahoma, #5 – Maryland, #6 – Maine, #7 – West Virgina, #8 – Mississippi, #9 – South Carolina, #10 – Idaho

27% of Americans have found damage to their home after a party that nobody told them about
33.7% of Americans have snooped through something they shouldn’t have at a party
Only 38% say that guests clean up after themselves
25% have kicked out a guest over bad behavior
27% of Americans bring a plus one to a party even though they weren’t invited
12% of the Americans we surveyed said that they have had expensive items broken in their home by a party
24.7% of American males have had the cops called on their party due to the noise level, compared to just 14% of women.

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