Our storms often bring as much value to our life journey as our highlights and happy moments. When life upsets and challenges bring us down, we can use these experiences as opportunities to transform and learn something new about life. We can use our experiences to see life through new eyes.

Intentional breathing is a powerful way to quiet mind chatter and step into the present moment. When I get caught up in the story that life is hard, I have learned the best thing to do is give myself permission to put the story on hold and focus on my deep intentional breathing. A useful practice is to take a full breath in and slowly release the tension and story you may be holding on to. Repeat as often as necessary to help bring more ease into tense moments.

Give Thanks
There is always something to be thankful for. When we put our attention on what we are grateful for, we begin to notice more reasons and evidence why life is a gift to be enjoyed. Gratitude rituals are powerful and they can be implemented at any time throughout the day. Being thankful gives us hope by helping us remember there is a brighter side to life.

Acts of Kindness
It is uplifting to genuinely give to others without expectation or strings attached. The act of giving is often where the true gift resides. Offering others our kindness, helps us move our focus away from our worries and dramas, and instead connect to our inner spirit. When we authentically give our love and light to others, we are in essence being in our love and light.


We can remind ourselves we aren’t meant to have it all figured out, we are meant to be having the adventure of a lifetime.

No matter where we are on our life journey, the greatest gift and spirit booster we can give ourselves, is to love who we are and be gentle with our human selves.


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