Celebration Of Life Month, is observed throughout January. This special holiday was created to encourage us to step back from our usually busy lives and appreciate our existence.

When was the last time you took a step back to appreciate the fact that you’re able to see a new day, or better yet, a new year entirely?

If you can’t recall, you don’t need to beat yourself up about it because we are all guilty of that sometimes. The beginning of the year gives us the perfect opportunity to do better, and be more grateful.

The holiday season kicked off with a wave of gratitude with Thanksgiving. We end it with the season of gift giving. As a result, when we get to January we often feel lost.

This observance allows us to recuperate from the holiday festivities, take a break, honor our bodies, and prepare for the year ahead. In addition, a healthy life starts with health. It makes things easier by just letting us enjoy life, and do things all through the month that edifies the body, mind, and soul.

Food for Health International, a company focused on the production and distribution of dry foods, whole foods, and portable solar technology for emergency situations created this celebration. They produce quality products on time and at affordable prices. Celebration Of Life Month encourages us to celebrate each day, cater to our bodies, and feed our souls.

Lastly, follow these steps to kick off the celebration right

  1. Take some days to rest. Mental health is a key aspect of how we look at ourselves and the world at large. Take a few days to rest and reflect on the previous year as well as your plans for this year. Spend this time meditating or doing whatever is necessary to keep your mental health in a nice, stable space.
  2. Engage in leisure activities. What do you like to do for fun? Maybe it’s exercising, painting, or even dancing! Whatever it is, use this month to explore all the leisure activities that are important to you. The more time you spend doing them, the more relaxed and fulfilled you will feel.
  3. Spend time with family. Family and friends are core parts of our lives, and there is honestly no celebration without your loved ones around. This month, prioritize these relationships by setting aside time.

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