launches just in time for Valentine’s Day, prompting people to go beyond the traditional flowers and candy and instead give loved ones the gift of respect, by donating to a better world.

From the website, visitors can make a donation to one of six nonprofit organizations fighting sexual assault and harassment. Each donation generates a beautifully designed, custom, Valentine’s Day card telling the recipient that a donation was made in her name.

The effort aims to redefine Valentine’s Day to be about both love and respect. On social media the black heart emoji has been rebranded as the “Respect Heart,” and participants are encouraged to share it alongside #RespectHer as the ultimate sign of love this year.

The initiative, inspired by the recent women’s rights movements, was created by two female creatives who work at Energy BBDO in ChicagoBrynna Aylward and Cinzia Crociani, to give both men and women a voice in the fight against sexual harassment and assault. “In a time when women are fighting for basic equality, the most meaningful gift they can receive is a sign of support and respect,” say Aylward and Crociani.

100% of the proceeds from the initiative go to fund nonprofit organizations that create real change by giving a voice to the voiceless—BetterBrave, Joyful Heart Foundation, Equality Now, Equal Rights Advocates, PAVE and RAINN.

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