Parents bring you into the world, giving you life and raising you to be the person you are. They also do that for your spouse, the person of your dreams. Fathers play a truly unique role in that experience.  That’s why we celebrate National Father-in-Law Day every July 30. 

Although there are plenty of ways to celebrate your Dad-in-Law, the best way is simply to let him know you care. Here are a few ways you can.

  1. Send him a card Back in the day, it was unusual to find a card written specifically for fathers-in-law. But, that’s changed. Today you can select lots of cards with father-in-law messages from the heart. Or, make your own!
  2. Join him in one of his favorite activities. On this special day, hang out with your father-in-law. Treat him to dinner, a ball game or a fishing trip. Share a game of cards or a chess match. Take in a movie or keep things simple by watching a football game or even the Tour de France. The operative idea is to do something together.
  3. Above all — bond with him. Being together with anyone to show that you care is a gesture like no other. And there’s a lot to gain when you share time and talk with your father-in-law — the guy who raised the person you love most

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