thankful thought tuesday

Every day is chance to reboot our lives. The same way we reboot our electronics, we should reboot our lives.

Every day is a struggle if you have a negative mindset, when you are wallowing in pity and misery it is hard to see the good and the true potential that is inside of you. It’s hard to stay strong when you feel like giving up. It feels like your world is crumbling down around you, and there is no option out. The reason why we think like this is because we forget about the big picture. We focus on the minor things and not the major things that are important in our life.

Believe that you can do it, be persistent, and before you know it, the problem will be solved. Most problems don’t present life-or-death scenarios. Even if there’s only a slim chance of success, there’s always the hope that your efforts will be worth it.

Many of the greatest accomplishments of humankind have been achieved despite widespread skepticism. People have overcome the most pressing challenges with grit and determination. In most cases, it took someone — and in many cases, lots of people — believing there was another way and who kept trying until he or she or they made it happen.

Each day is a chance to take on a challenge. Accept the opportunity of the day.

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