2020 Month by Month Guide To Getting Your Life in Order

You’ve resolved to get a handle on your finances in 2020, but will that determination wane by March? With over 80% of people failing to realize their New Years resolutions, it’s likely that you’ll become overwhelmed with checklists and budget-tracking within just a matter of months. That’s why Tony Steuer, recognized authority on financial literacy … More 2020 Month by Month Guide To Getting Your Life in Order

Before You Celebrate—Plan Ahead

Of course, we don’t intend to harm anyone when we celebrate during the holiday season. Yet, violence and traffic fatalities associated with alcohol misuse persist, and myths about drinking live on—even though scientific studies have documented how alcohol affects the brain and body. Because individuals differ, the specific effects of alcohol on an individual will … More Before You Celebrate—Plan Ahead

Sobering Up––Myths and Facts

Despite the potential dangers, myths about drinking persist, which—for some—can prove fatal. Scientific studies supported by the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism provide important information that challenges these widespread, yet incorrect, beliefs about how quickly alcohol affects the body and how long the effects of drinking last. Intoxication and your reaction time is … More Sobering Up––Myths and Facts