is an extension of a lifelong adventure.

As lead editor for Elev8.com, I discovered that  I had real driven passion to share things with the world. I have worked in just about every sector of media one can. I have worked in numerous roles for media companies. I have been employed  for syndicated radio company Westwood One, an entertainment law firm, major  book publishing company  St. Martin’s Press. I had a long career run at Atlantic Records and wrapped up working for others by works for Interactive One. It was a chance to work for a media company that mixed tv,radio and digital.

When you mix all those things together, you have tons of experience.

This is my chance to do just that. Unedited, unfiltered me. I am going to take you on an adventure that you will enjoy. My goal is to make you smarter about a litany of things.When you are well rounded the world  it improves everything in your world.

Here is a guide to the categories you will find here:

The Checkpoint: This will be the entertainment check in center. You will see what to read next, what movie to go to, what music is hot and what show you should tune in to. It is the best of the best. You will get exclusive first looks as well!

Don’t miss:

  • On the Reel- Film Reviews
  • Check It Out  TV Tune In, Trailers
  • Play It Again– Music Picks
  • Page Turner– Books To Read

The Know Now Spot: This is where you will get your update on culture, politics and current events. I will try and raise the bar of the discussion.My goal is to educate you in easy digestible bits. Often the news will burden you with things that are sensationalistic with no substance. I am going to give you the substance. REAL TALK!

The HearthThe word hearth means the heart of the home.  This is where you will get your home tips for inside and outside. I will tell you the honest truth about what’s going on with repairs, products
and food. Your home should be a sacred space and I am going to help you make it the best possible.

  • Smart Idea:-New Apps and Tools
  • At Play:  Fun tools to use for leisure time
  • Gotta Have: Products that Live Up To the Hype

The Last Word: This will be where all the expert tips will live!

I am going to showcase  the best of new products.  I will make sure that you have knowledge on subjects that people are discussing at the moment. You will have your conversation tips and more!

I cannot wait to hear back from you! Have a wonderful time looking around.

I hope you enjoy your visit.

To contact me email: orethapedia@gmail.com

Follow me on twitter:@orethapedia


  1. I have just found your notice and review of my book ‘At Cross Purposes’ and would like to know where in the world you are based, please, and also how you knew about the book.


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