Photo Credit:orethawinstonhunter
Photo Credit:orethawinstonhunter

Hello everyone!

Finally a place to showcase the who, what where and what next! For years, people have been suggesting that I start a  home for the wealth of knowledge  that I have.  Well here it is!  This is my chance to educate, inspire, uplift and live my passion out loud!

Here is an overview of what to find where:

The Checkpoint: This will be the entertainment check in center. You will see what to read next, what movie to go to, what music is hot and what show you should tune in to.

The Know Now Spot: This is where you will get your update on culture, politics and current events. I will try and raise the bar of the discussion.

The Hearth: The word hearth means the warmth of the home.  This where you will get your home tips for inside and outside. I will tell you the honest truth about what’s going on with repairs, products and food. Your home should be a sacred space and I am going to help you.

The Last Word: This will be where all the expert tips will live!

Thanks for joining the journey! I look forward to hearing from you!

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Here we go!


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