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Evelyn Lozada has launched a new page in her life. I will give her credit, she is by no means scared of moving on. She is doing just that in a big way.  I may even dare to say that she gave mea few lessons.

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‘Elozada’ Lesson 1 Be ready for the rewrite. She knows that you cannot stay in one place. That is the one lesson that we all struggle with it. Sometimes we stay too long at something when all arrows point to us leaving. She is engaged to big league baseball player Carl Crawford and the happy couple have a one-year-old son, Leo. So, she is a new mom again.

‘Elozada’ Lesson 2 Never dodge the hard questions. Evelyn is 100% aware of what people think of her. Straight no chaser. She knows who she is and is aware of what you are  thinking you know about her.

‘Elozada’ Lesson 3- Understand that at the end of the day you have to live the best life you can for you.The hardest part is the inventory. She clearly has done the work to get to a place where she has a new baby,life,tv show and business.

‘Elozada’ Lesson 4– Once you know where you come from, you will know where you are going. This season you will see Evelyn  try to help her mother find her father. That discussion will definitely be hard. It’s no secret that some of the pain that Evelyn bares is from being fatherless.

‘Elozada’ Lesson 5 You set the tone and example.When I asked Evelyn how was she going to shape her son’s actions, she took a deep breath and looked me in my eyes and clarified that she was invested in her son and that her beau was a good example. That’s a long way away from the Evelyn Lozada we first met on the Basketball Wives.


I am looking forward to tuning in and seeing where the show takes you.

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