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A visit to Home Depot Can be an adventure! Trust me! Their flower nursery can seem about overwhelming. I suggest  that you go in with a staunch plan in what you want.

Growing flowers in your garden can be frustrating. This year everything worked out just fine.

I planted 4 planters of Supertunias and I must tell you, it came out a stunner!

supertunia I chose to plant Supertunia Vistas in bright pink flower to add a bit of extra color to my yard. The Vistas thrive no matter the conditions in beds, hanging baskets or containers. To me this screamed: It will live! That matter a great deal to me, because the climate I live in is not easily receptive  to ground planting. I believe it may have something to do with the fact that we had a sickly tree

I used some of the miracle grow soil  I raved about earlier this summer to plant the Supertunias. Last season I purchased basic green planters. Nothing too fancy. They are just plain green. I find that they blend much better with the landscape.

They do well in the shade and I promise you this is a set and forget it.On extremely hot stretches of days I will go out and water them in the early evening. Occasionally you may watch them close their petals, but I find that after  a few days they will perk right back up.

I haven’t planned out my fall garden yet, but there appears to be a great abundance to choose from.

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