Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 10.03.44 AMAtlanta Plastic” features board-certified physicians Dr. Wright Jones, Dr. Marcus Crawford and Dr. Aisha McKnight-Baron who are at the top of their game. The doctors’ patients, both male and female, come from all walks of life and request a variety of procedures from tummy tucks, Brazilian butt lifts and facelifts, to breast augmentation, liposuction and rhinoplasty.

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#1- They will take you into the counseling room and show you the negatives and the positives with more seriousness than the freakishness that we have seen so far on screen

#2- The clients will be more relatable.  Unlike the shows we have seen in the past we have only seen clients who are drowning in vanity and getting-cut for vanity’s sake. The patients are actually struggling with realistic  body issues.  According to a plastic surgery data report surgery has increased 5%

 We will see real black professional doctors running professions. Unfortunately, when we see AA’s  on screen much of the time what we see is unrealistic portrayals. These doctors put the respect and regard back into what was once an honorable profession. Medicine.The number of blacks who are plastic surgeons are relatively small.

African Americans and surgery  has turned into an interesting topic as of late  in the  community. Black women are more concerned with the nature of their surgical scars due to the risk of keloids or thick ropey dark scars.They tend to shy away from the full face and neck lift afraid of the scars of the procedure.  A common issue for the black woman are split earlobes and the need to have them repaired. Often, large hanging earrings pull the holes down and eventually tear through the bottom of the earlobe over time. Most women think it is an easy repair where you just stitch up the torn area. But unfortunately, it is not as easy as it appears. If the tear is just stitched up the split, an earring will just tear right through the thinner scar quickly.

We will of course see some of the common issues that are new to our society.If you’re an African-American considering plastic surgery or other cosmetic procedures, make sure you find a board-certified surgeon, dermatologist or other professional who has had experience with your skin type. Visit and do your research.

Atlanta Plastic debuts tonight of Lifetime at 10pm. It’s a great way to unwind your Friday night.


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