In order to be great and good at what you do, you must be healthy. I admit that I struggle with this sometimes, but I am getting better. You need to pay yourself. Money, body and spirit need investment payments. You need to be wise about it. You never want to be put in a place where you have so little to offer yourself and you are burned out.


Instead of paying all your bills and expenses first and then saving whatever is left over, do the opposite. Set aside money for investing, retirement, college, a down payment. Don’t touch it. Don’t pull money out of it. You should have a separate emergency fund for just that–emergencies. Typically, that fund should be enough to cover you for three to six months. Do not confuse an emergency fund with a saving or investing fund. Make sure that  you keep $20 in your mad fund. It’s a fund that allows you to buy that cup of coffee, replace tights or whatever you may need in a pinch to make you feel less stressed. I cannot tell you how many tines that extra 20 spot gave me peace of mind. It allowed me to take a cab to the train depot after a particularly harrowing day.  Build a budget. Stick to that budget. If you stick to your budget, your worries should ease.


plastic-bottle-60471_640Find out why you are sick.I know it can be  scary. I know that you may not believe in or trust  modern medicine. I feel the same way at times.Make the medical prevention appointments. Check your eyes every year.  If you wear glasses, your prescription can change year to year. Get your dental work done. You cannot eat your food and enjoy your meal if your teeth hurt.  If you hate exercise, turn on your radio and dance for 30 minutes. Leave for work a little earlier so that you can commute an extra stop away and get the exercise by walking to work. Take the stairs down instead of the elevator.

Think about what you are eating. Don’t stick to such a strict diet, you are miserable. Remember food is fuel. Find healthy options on fast food menus. Choose healthy snacks.   Rest when you need it.  I admit this one I suffer the most from. My schedule is pretty packed, but what I find time to do is during the day is the ability to  take 2 prayer breaks and 2 fun breaks. They are quick refreshes or resets.  When you are home, if it’s nice outside go sit  in the sun for a moment.Try standing in the sun. Don’t like sun, stand in the shade and take a few deep breaths.

Make sure that your bedroom is a restful place.  Buy the comfortable sheets and the candle that smells good. De-clutter your home and make it a place of peace. When you get up in the morning fill a jug with water and place it in your refrigerator. When you come home take that jug out and pour yourself a tall glass of cold water.  Set bedtime at the same time every night. Even if you don’t sleep your body will find the comfort and rhythm of life matters.



Understand the word surrender. Most of us associate surrender with weakness or defeat. It’s not that. Surrender means to give yourself totally and completely. Our egos keep us repeating the lie of the world which makes us feel needy and powerless. From this sense of lack grows a hunger to acquire everything in sight. Money, power, sex, and pleasure are supposed to fill up the emptiness, but they never do. Decide, confess and admit that there are things that are traps that bring out the less than greatness in you. Trying to squeeze yourself into a life that just doesn’t fit to make someone else happy is a recipe for unhappiness.  Find time each day to spend at least two minutes to think positive. Laugh, but once you start doing that it will be hard not to. Pray. One of the greatest lessons my mother taught me is that one must pray. Quietly, honestly and freely offer your prayers. She would get up early every morning and sit in her bedroom window and look out and talk to God.

Reject fear. When you live in fear everyday people can tell. Create a spirit support group.Pick people who will keep you honest. Understand that they can see objectively. Also understand, that there are people that won’t listen to you. They will tune you out. I find those moments to be the most frustrating in my spirit.  When you are in an emotionally draining moment find a way to remove yourself as soon as you can and recharge. Silence and just sitting and being is a great way.

Take a nap. No seriously, a nap can clear your spirit.

All these things allow you to reset and pay yourself. These are the riches that make life better.

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