They are amazing over there at Fox. Empire comes out the gate with two smash hits.

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The first track featured in the trailer ‘Ain’t About The Money’ (feat. Jussie Smollett and Yazz) just about shakes you from the word go.

The lyrics drive the truth home:

‘Ain’t About the money it’s about the power/ Think about it…. think about it/ Get that money.. get that power/No they not the same thing/ Money can be anybody.. to somebody.. that nobody.. but when it come to power’ 

‘money can be lost.. power never needs an alibi’

Every so often you get lyrics that you know are true. It slams you to the floor with the lyric: ‘Power over money that just how it goes…’



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The second track just gave me my theme song for the next 18 months!

Empire Cast – No Doubt About It (feat. Jussie Smollett and Pitbull)

All we want is a party have some shots with somebody take the music and turn it way up.

It’s the fun party track that will have everyone bouncing and is sure to be the New Year’s Eve party song. Pitbull DELIVERS. Jussie  Smollett’s voice of course gives you the track that has real body.

There is a line that will give you a quick giggle if you are of a certain age at 2:24 in the song. Jussie sings:

Ain’t nothing more important to me right now.. than this shot of tequila. I’ve earned the right to just not give a damn about a damn thing but throwing my hands up

Later on he sings:

‘ Don’t mean no harm/Please forgive me if I ‘m causing you alarm/ but the dj is just played my favorite song/ and you look like you’re  ready so c’mon / All we want is a party have some shots with somebody/ take the music and turn it all the way up..

At last this is a grown ups party and you can come if you want to but… be aware.. there’s ‘No Doubt About It’ it it’s a smash!


The new season of Empire starts Wednesday September 23, 2015 at 9pm on Fox

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