Red is energizing. It excites the emotions and motivates us to take action. It signifies a pioneering spirit and leadership qualities, promoting ambition and determination. It is also strong-willed and can give confidence to those who are shy or lacking in will power. Being the color of physical movement, the color red awakens our physical life force.

In the bible, the color red is associated with judgement and warfare. It is also a warning sign against deep sin.- Oretha


Teddy hadn’t returned yet. The orderly had come to take her dinner and left her tea, and crackers on her bedside. She discovered her nurse on duty was named Virginia. Virginia had come  to check on her. She had even handed her a brush and Alma oil for her hair. Audrey managed to brush her hair into a loose ponytail. Het husband had thought of everything.The duffle bag was filled with personal-items like her brush, comb, hair oil, deodorant and of course the wonderful smelling bath supplies he had given her. They were lovely!  She placed everything back in the duffle bag and put the bag on the chair that was near her bed.  The fact that her right arm ached less was proof she was healing.

Audrey realized for the first time all day she was alone. The sun was setting outside and she was really tired, bone tired, but afraid to close her eyes. The reality that she might not wake up suddenly frightened her.  Why her mind would go to death she wasn’t sure, but she was overwhelmed with being alone and being afraid.  She looked at the door again willing Teddy to walk through it.

She tried to remember. Her mind was drawing a blank.  She couldn’t digest the words Teddy had spoken to her. She had fallen out a window. Don’t people die from that? Why didn’t she die? There it was again. Fear. She reached for the ipod and headphones Teddy had left in her end table. Maybe music would help her relax. She placed the headphones on her head and recognized some of the names. One song sparked her attention.

She highlighted Michael McDonald’s That’s Why and pressed play . Then she realized that she loved the track and knew the words and she began to sing along.

She began to sing:

That’s why, I won’t be down very long. That’s why, I’ll be all right from now on.
That’s why, I get stronger every time. That’s why, I know this heart will survive after you’re gone.

She finally closed her eyes and allowed her mind to drift off. She started to relax and tap her fingers to the music. She had listened to quite a few songs  with her eyes closed before she  opened them to realize that the scent of the beach had entered the room. She opened her eyes to realize that Teddy had returned. He had a bag.

‘I am glad you are listening to music. You love music. I checked with Dr.Baxter and he said you can have one treat. He told me that I should bring things to you that would help your memory. So I bought you soft baked chocolate chip cookies and this blanket.’

He pulled a beautiful colored red crocheted blanket with pinks and reds in it out.  When he placed it on her bed and she touched it, she was overwhelmed with a feeling of love. It was heavy, but not too heavy.

I washed it the other night.I figured you would want it.

Audrey put the blanket to her face and deeply inhaled the scent. It smelled familiar.  That’s when  a thought came to her. Frances had made this for her. Frances was her mother. She remembered!

‘My mom made this for me.’ she looked at Teddy and could see the sparkle in his eyes.

‘Yes, she did Drey…’ Teddy couldn’t contain his happiness. Audrey had remembered something. This had to be a good sign.  Audrey laid back down.

‘I’m tired Teddy.’, Audrey confessed.

Teddy listed all the things in his head that had happened in the last forty eight hours to her.  ‘Just lay down and relax. I think you may have a few visitors in a bit. I called a few friends and updated our Facebook status. So many people have been praying for you and wishing you well, I wanted to let them know that you were better.’

Audrey listened to Teddy and drifted off into a deep sleep swathed by  the crocheted blanket. Teddy realized that she had fallen asleep-when he watched the steady ebb and flow of her breathing. He sighed deeply. He had no idea what was next. When he had climbed into the car to cry he promised he would do everything he could. He drove to their home, grabbed the just washed blanket and  stopped by their favorite bakery. The owner had tried to give him the cookies for free but he had resisted at first  finally giving in and put a few bucks in the tip jar on the counter. He was determined to do whatever he needed to get her back.

‘Mr. Ainsley, you should go home.’ Nurse Frances checked  Audrey’s vitals.

‘I gave her a sedative.It will allow her to sleep. It will take the edge off any discomfort she is feeling. You need to get some rest. She’ll need you when physical therapy starts.’

The nurse turned the lights down in her room.  Teddy walked over to Audrey’s bed. He slipped the chain from around his neck, slid the rings down from the chain and placed the rings on her hand. the fit snugly, but Audrey did not budge.  He kissed her hand, kissed her forehead and tucked the red blanket around her. The blanket had made a world of difference.  She had smiled.

He turned to walk out and that’s when he saw his mother coming down the hall in her white jacket with a stethoscope in her hand.

‘Theodore, I told them to tell you to go home.’ Dr. Cora Ainsley was chief of staff. She was on duty and ad seen to her daughter-in-law’s care from the moment she was admitted.

‘Im going home now.’ ,Teddy replied sheepishly.  He kissed his mother’s cheek.

‘I’m on duty now. No worries okay.  Go home… get some rest.’ Cora smiled at her son.

She watched him head down the hall toward the elevator bank and prayed. ‘Lord watch over my son and his wife.’  Cora headed off to the nurses station to look at charts.

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