‘Messy Colors’ Chapter 6 – Yellow Shards

The color yellow can be bright and intense, which is perhaps why it can often invoke such strong feelings. Yellow can quickly grab attention, but it can also be abrasive when overused. It can appear warm and bright, yet it can also lead to visual fatigue.Yellow is a bright that is often described as cheery and warm.

Biblically it has a strong affect right along with every word in scripture, this word ‘yellow’ has both a positive and a negative application. Yellow can also be seen as the spirit of newness.


Audrey was awakened by yellow sunlight streaming in her hospital room. She felt better. The good night’s sleep and the warm blanket made her feel better.

‘Breakfast time..’ the orderly  called out.  He placed her tray on her table and rolled it to her.  Audrey lifted the lid. She could see pancakes, eggs, toast, coffee and an orange. She was overjoyed that she could name everything. It was the small things that gave her pleasure now.

‘Good morning Audrey…’, a woman bearing a striking resemblance to her husband said cheerily.  She checked her vitals.  The woman caught her staring at her.

‘Oh, dear, …I forgot honey. I am your mother-in-law. I happen to be on duty while you are here. You are doing good. As  a matter of fact, you are doing better than great. There will be some physical therapy, but you are healing nicely. So you have any questions for me?’

‘No, I don’t think so.’ Audrey was distracted by the sunlight coming in the window.

‘That’s okay. When you have some don’t hesitate to ask. I think you are almost well enough to go home. Now, finish your breakfast.’

She watched her mother-in-law leave as quickly as she had arrived,

Audrey unsheathed her silver wear from the plastic cover and started to eat. She thought about the strangeness of it all. The woman seemed familiar. An hour  or more flew by and  she was laying  listening to the ipod left behind and resting. In between songs, she had started to drift in and out of sleep. The lessening of the pain had made her realize how exhausted she was. She gave in to rest. Somehow she had a feeling that she was going to survive. It was the first time she had felt that assuredness.


Teddy jumped out of the hot shower. Patches was laying in front of the bathroom door. He could see tufts of his tail under the door. Teddy shook his head with a smile. He cleaned the mirror and took a look. Why did Audrey love him? Would she always love him? Would she love him if she ever found out what was going on? He was going to have to call the other four birds. He stared at the eagle tattooed on  his peck. They all had birds tattooed on on their pecks. He and his boys had them tattooed in college. That seemed like a life time ago. The black ink was starting to smooth into his skin.

The phone shook him from his personal thoughts. It was Albert. He answered, ‘Yea’.

‘Yo.. let me in I am driving down your block right now. ‘ Albert’s Brooklyn swag was identifiable over the phone.  He hung up without saying goodbye.

Teddy headed to his bedroom, pulled on his jeans and bounded down the stairs. Patches  followed behind in tow.

Just as he landed on the bottom stair he could see Albert’s frame heading up the stairs.  Teddy opened the door and let him in.

‘Yo.’ they embraced in a brotherly hug.

Albert headed to the kitchen. He knew the house. He had helped Teddy finish the frame work for the kitchen. Construction was his release. One look at his friend and he could see that something was wrong, but he wanted coffee.

‘Go ahead.. make yourself a a cup of coffee.  Don’t ask…’, Teddy laughed. He knew his friend was a coffee junkie.

‘Listen, I don’t make fun of your fondness for popcorn, you leave me and the caffeine alone. Capisce?’, Albert busied himself with the Keurig.

Teddy headed up he stairs to his bedroom, made the bed, finished dressing and came down to the kitchen to find his friend scrolling through his phone.

‘So tell me what’s up? First, how is Audrey? Is she okay? Did ya’ find out why she was over at that dump?’, Albert looked at his friend.

‘One Drey is doing better. She looks like hell and is very sore. She can’t remember stuff, but I am hoping that all passes soon. I have something to show you.’ Teddy handed his friend the envelope with the note.

‘What the hell is dis ?’ Albert looked at the note his Brooklyn accent getting the best of him.

‘That’s why you’re here. C’mon Hawk… You know everything and see everything. What are they saying on the streets?’ Teddy quizzed him.

‘I have had my ears and eyes on the street. I have heard nada. I even have my lowest minions listening and they have heard nothing, but I promise you.. I got your back. And as for that other thing.. the answer is no. You are not that guy. How about I get the other guys and we come by here. I sent someone to watch the hospital.I  have had someone on inside on the lookout there. He is one of the orderlies and he owes me, so know you are covered. He just texted me that Drey is sleeping and ate her breakfast.’

Teddy sighed with satisfaction. He gave Albert a pound. He knew there was one other person he had to call this morning. Albert started calling people. Teddy picked up the kitchen phone, sat on the stool and waited for the pickup on the other  side. The answer he had dreaded  sounded in his ear.

‘I was waiting for you to call me son. You have a nasty problem I see. Should we have lunch?’

‘Yes, dad we should have lunch.’

Leon Ainsley, his dad, and was no man to mess with. If he was heading to his dad there must of been a problem. He had vowed after he had married Audrey that he would just be lawyer. Nothing more and nothing less. Now, he had to call his boys and his dad. The past had come back. His past from Sunrise was nipping at his heels. Would Audrey still love him?

Albert looked at him, ‘She will still love you. She is tough man. Drey is strong. Don’t worry.’

Teddy hoped he was right as sunlight streamed through the  front door  and a bullet smashed through the living room window shattering the glass and leaving yellow shards of tempered glass on the floor.



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