notepad-926025_640We all have smells that we need to chase out of the house. Sometimes we have no idea what to do. Well, don’t go get the spray can, do these two things.


Make DIY Reed Diffusers
We love the look of a sophisticated reed diffuser in the bathroom, but hate the cost! Make your own and save some serious cash with this easy recipe. Find a small vase or container you like and buy a packet of diffuser reeds—often sold as “refills.” First, pour a quarter-cup of mineral oil into a small bowl. Next add a couple of tablespoons of vodka and mix well. Then, add about 10 drops of your favorite essential oil and stir thoroughly. Finally, pour the mixture into the vase and put in 5 or 6 reeds.


Use Fabric Softener Sheets as Air Fresheners
Dryer sheets are great for freshening up just about anything. Stick them in smelly shoes to have them fresh by morning, or leave them under the seats of your car to keep the inside odor-free without one of those pine tree air fresheners. You can also tape one end of the dryer sheet to air conditioning and heating vents (just make sure you’re not blocking air flow) to freshen up a room quickly. If you live in an apartment just place one of your radiator. It will do the same thing.


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  1. Love the idea of a home made diffuser and had no idea it would be so simple to make one. Thank you!

    1. yep is as can be.

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