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Currently in its Beta version, Suitely is an online home furnishings retailer selling easy to shop, designer-styled interiors for a fraction of retail prices. Their motto is: ‘High Style Made Simple’.

I love every moment of it. Finally there is a site that just lets you buy the look off the page. There is a great choice of elegant classy pieces that can convert any space.

The steps are simple.

Step 1- Choose A Theme

Step 2- Find Your Sr=tyle

Step 3- Select A Suite

Step 4-Customize

Step 5- Check Out and wait for Delivery

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You can click through the site and actually feel like you are hanging out with your closest friend trying to figure out what look is next. You can buy an entire look. I cannot tell you how excited I was!

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It is an innovative e-commerce platform offering the three things not typically found together: Designer guidance, streamlined shopping, and extraordinary value. Suitely takes the concept of pricing by the bundle, and applies it to high-end home décor. Decor pieces are styled into themed product suites—but still customizable by the user. Talented in-house designers and visiting guest curators compile the suites, and shoppers can tailor selections to styles and prices suiting their needs. Suites range in price from $75-$2,000.

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While in the beta stage, product is limited to décor and accessories, but Suitely plans to expand inventory in preparation for a full launch in the Spring/Summer of 2016. Everything from full-room product and décor suites, to mini suites for living, bedroom, home office, and bath accessories, to dining suites for table-top décor will be available at the full launch.

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