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Life can go by very quickly. It’s so important to realize that every moment is important and every moment is valuable. Setting aside time to make some peace and quiet time for your soul. Jesus can help in this way.

‘I really love Jesus and I’m really, really grateful for what I do. I don’t take it lightly.” These words came from gospel sensation Erica Campbell in a new interview with the Christian Post. She discusses how life can be very busy, but keeping everything in perspective is very important. This mother, wife, and daughter gives great advice to everyone and speaks from the heart.’

Watch the great video:

Erica has been super busy lately. She is launching a hairline and the new season of Mary Mary on WeTV starts in March. Things are going to be great! He new blog area is filled with spirit and  she killed the game at The Celebration of Gospel.

The only thing next is to kill an acting role.

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