Broadcast television has had to raise the bar and come with their A game. Oxygen has been  hitting the mark with their Preachers Franchise. ABC is coming out swinging with their min-series roll out. The latest entries in both prove that the television warriors are present and ready to do battle.

Preachers of Atlanta‘ premieres  tonight at 10pm ET/PT. It is produced by L. Plummer Media in association with Relevé Entertainment with Lemuel Plummer, Holly Carter, Chris Costine and Mark Scheibal serving as Executive Producers.

This time Oxygen’s popular franchise heads to the ATL with ‘Preachers of Atlanta.’ Through the lens of five pastors with drastically different approaches to their ministry, the show explores many of the most hot-button and polarizing issues in America today. From passionate discussions surrounding the validity of unorthodox ministry methods to first-person accounts of the rippling and emotional effects of racial tensions with law enforcement, these unconventional preachers have no boundaries when it comes to tackling real issues that affect real people in their communities.

Each one of these pastors has their own unique approach  to the world and ministry.

The five preachers challenging the status quo are Pastor Corey Hambrick, Pastor Le’Andria Johnson, Pastor Canton Jones, Pastor Kimberly Jones-Pothier and Pastor Judah Swilley.

Here is your taste:

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ABC is presenting Madoff which is on the complete other side of the pendulum. Madoff airs tonight and tomorrow night on ABC at 8pm.

Instead of a sprawling Manhattan penthouse she lives in a rented one bedroom, 989 square foot apartment in Connecticut. There are no more limousines, just a Toyota Prius. And the $2.5 million she was allowed by the government to keep is a pittance compared to the billions of dollars her husband once had in his bank account. That is where the real Ruth Madoff is right now. But tonight and tomorrow you will see what happens when as Wall Street’s Gordon Gekko once said  people believe ‘Greed Is Good’ Madoff single handedly ran the biggest Ponzi  scheme the country has ever seen.

Long story short it will be good tv!


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