Last night’s episode touched on a discussion most of us have talked about in our homes. The #blacklivesmatter movement bubbled up in  last night’s episode.

After the listening party, Canton invites Corey to his house to invite a truce with Antonio. Pastor Corey Hambrick invited  Corey to attend a ‘Code Red’ discussion at his pastor.  One of the pastors from The Pastors of Detroit Pastor Bullock decided to attend after Canton invited him.  These were the discussions that  bubbled.

Take a look at the quick glance of the episode:

Interpretation is part of every interaction. It was crystal clear that we civilians do not know what the practice of police officers bares. I am nit saying right or wrong, but this is food for thought. It gave new understand to what the new training could look like.  Pastor Corey defined what a policeman sees and hears. It was definitely a lights on moment and should be shared with  all those around.

Facing consequences, giving support and finding truth was addressed. Pastor Le’Andria Johnson  had to face her husband’s issue head on. Her husband apologized for the exchange of words   that send her into a fury.The level of betrayal makes is difficult. Every day you awake, your mind almost immediately fixates on the other child. Granted, over the years (should you decide to stay in your marriage), waking up and thinking about the fact that your husband fathered a child outside of your marriage. She attended the DNA testing with her husband and offered support.

Last night’s episode it was facing Christianity in the world. Paul was right when he said that we would have to leave the world altogether if we wanted to truly separate ourselves from immoral, “worldly” people. That’s not what God is asking us to do.  God wants us to serve the world and be light in itChrist commanded his disciples to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world to underscore the necessity for them to be in the world. If they fail to perform their labor, they lose their savior and fail to be saviors of men.

We are to be in the field saving, fighting and providing. It is messy. That is life.

Sure the episode made some people uncomfortable. But, this is the truth in life. We are to serve and exist as lights in  the darkness.

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