Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 2.46.10 PMBased on the real life experience of a 17-year-old boy who was forced to flee all he once knew in order to save his life, Zondervan is releasing “The Cost – My Life On A Terrorist Hit List” by Ali Husnain and J. Chester on March 8, 2016

“The Cost” is the story of Husnain (name changed for security reasons), who grappled with the life-altering choice of converting from Islam to Christianity, which ultimately forced him to leave everything behind. When he decided to follow Jesus, becoming an apostate in the eyes of Islam, he turned from a carefree teenager to a terrorist target overnight.

Husnain grew up in a prominent Shia Muslim family in Pakistan, an association that came prestige, security, wealth and social status. However, after a dramatic encounter with Jesus, Husnain found himself ex-communicated from his community and family, escaping a near-death experience, receiving a miraculous healing, and embarking on a cross-continental chase for his life. Husnain’s newfound faith sustained him when there seemed to be no hope left and nowhere else to turn.

Husnain now resides in the U.K. under asylum but feels called to eventually go back to Pakistan, open a medical facility and ultimately, share the gospel with the very people who tried to kill him, despite the fatwa that to this day is still issued against him.

“I know it’s a risk, but I think if I can offer them something that will help them physically as well as spiritually, there will be enough support from the Sunni and Shia that the Wahhabi (Taliban) will think twice about trying to kill me,” Husnain writes in “The Cost.” “I want to tell my story and tell people how God saved me.”

Husnain wants to share with his countrymen that they do not need to be afraid of Christians. He also wants to make sure that they know he wants to show Christ’s love, because Jesus commanded his followers to love their enemies.

“They may hurt me, but I will return with more love,” said Husnain. “Isn’t that what the Bible is all about? Giving love to those who don’t even know that they need it? Jesus taught me that.”

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