Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 3.26.46 PMIn the U.S., 54.8% of consumers celebrate Valentine’s Day, and many buy presents for their significant other. The average amount spent per consumer reached $146.84 in 2015. The gifts given most often include candy, cards, flowers, jewelry, clothing, and eating out or dining.

Candy is one of the most common Valentine’s Day gifts, with 47.5% of people giving it as a gift. Approximately $1.7 billion is expected to be spent on candy for Valentine’s Day. In the U.S., 81% of Americans eat chocolate, making it a popular choice for the holiday.

Retail outlets and foodservice establishments benefit fromValentine’s Day as it is becoming a high spending holiday. According to the Retail Advertising and Marketing Association, $403 million in revenue is generated from the sale of domestically cut flowers and $2.2 billion is generated from jewelry stores in the U.S. during Valentine’s “season.” Valentine's Day Spending Expected to Reach $19.7 Billion (PRNewsFoto/ Valentine’s Day Spending Expected to Reach $19.7 Billion (PRNewsFoto/

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