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Tina Campbell and Erica Campbell don’t take their blessings for granted.

The sisters have been working non-stop over the last several years, solidifying their status as global Gospel superstars, recording hit albums as Mary Mary, executive-producing and appearing on their hit WE tv originally scripted series, Mary Mary, launching multiple-award winning, top-selling, critically acclaimed solo cds, hosting, as well as performing on, high profile tv shows, touring as solo artists, finding time to schedule Mary Mary dates throughout the year, and remaining devoted mothers and wives, evidenced by Tina’s vow renewal with husband Teddy Campbell, as the couple worked towards healing their marriage.

Erica’s praise was simple

Thank you.. Thank you… Thank you… followed by this love note:

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Tina’s was a love letter all in itself just before she took the stage.:

My #mommy@mamatommy the sweetest, kindest, prettiest, most selfless, compassionate, resilient, creative, soldier and carriers of the true love of Jesus that i have ever experienced on this earth. Hands down one of God’s greatest creations to me and everybody who thinks she’s they mama😘. I love my mommy!!! She’s awesome. She gives me something to imitate. I wanna be like her. Oh and I love you too E (@imericacampbell) You’re awesome too but mommy’s awesomer

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Tina Campbell Instagram


The new season of Mary Mary starts Thursday March 3, 2016 @9pm/8C

Watch their thank you speech!

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