Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 3.43.37 PMWith Tax Day right around the corner, Homeselfe is raising awareness about large tax credits available for those who made energy efficiency upgrades to their homes in the 2015 tax year.

Homeselfe wants to ensure American families receive the maximum refund they are eligible for in their tax returns by keeping up-to-speed on the latest federal energy tax credits.

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“If you upgraded your home in 2015 by adding insulation, one of the most cost-effective upgrades you can make, you already know you are saving on your utility bills every month plus you may be eligible for a tax credit on that investment,” said Ameeta Jain, co-founder and spokesperson of Homeselfe. “Not taking advantage of that is throwing away your hard-earned cash. We want to empower families to receive the maximum refund allowed on their tax returns by providing them insight into the energy credits that are available.”

Homeowners should also keep up-to-date on tax credits available for smaller upgrades in their homes, which can be eligible for tax credits up to $500 on their return. These small upgrades include:

Plan ahead for your tax returns in 2016 by taking a Homeselfe and identifying areas in your home that need improvement and qualify you for tax credits on next year’s return. For more information on energy tax credits or how to save on your monthly utility bill,

To schedule a time for an interview with Co-Founder Ameeta Jain, please contact or 951-719-1040.

She will be available to discuss Homeselfe’s commitment to improving financial and energy efficiency in households throughout the United States.

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