Screen Shot 2016-02-23 at 2.24.02 PMChriston Gray is the next great vocalist. I don’t take those words lightly. Though he is described as a ‘Christian Singer’, I am here to tell you that this album is much, much more than that.
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He is newly signed on Kirk Franklin‘s ‘Fo Yo Soul’  label. I was blown away by this album! Absolutely… blown away. It is lyrically sound, sonically engaging and culturally relevant.

The album is called “The GLORY ALBUM’.  It is a definitive album of real love, praise, glory and humanity that should win hearts for God and inspire many to feel better.  I was amazed at how well versed, modern and deeply spiritual the album is. It is on par with or better than anything that I have heard lately. In particular, I would dare say this album is better than Kendrick Lamar’s album.

Here is a track by track review:

Track 1  ‘The Glory Pt I’  Is a John Legend-like invitation song to a sound that  has been around for years in the urban community. It is an in the pocket groove track.

Track 2  ‘Stop Me’ is sure fire. He delivers a hard core rhyme and serious beat! The hook ‘Stop Me/ Stop Me/ Somebody Stop Me’ will loop you into a head bopping hard core rhymefest. You will find it hard not to walk away singing the hook.

Track 3 ‘Fort Knox Is a fresh r&b track that can be on contemporary radio right now. His vocals soar above the music with ease that is  something we rarely hear now. On this track, he reminds you of Jussie Smollett. In some respects he delivers the emotion and charisma of a young Sam Cooke.  This song should be featured on ‘Empire’ immediately! It is a story telling, wrap you up in meaning type of song.

Track 4 ‘Afraid With You’  This piano driven ballad leaves you wanting more. He pleads a case that reminds me of the early days of Marvin Gaye’s ‘For You My Dear’ album.

Track 5 ’50 Shades’  This is the  rap lyricists’ track. He wields his bars as a full on sword.   When he delivers the line ‘Before you  know my business first properly pronounce my name ‘, I nearly jumped out my seat cheering “go head!’ The song is a smash hit! It takes you back to the battle tracks of the early eighties. The hip hop nation should embrace this track easily as new, fresh and hot!  I cannot say enough about how much I LOVE this track.

Track 6 ‘ Connor McDees’  If a song could be a movie this is it. The music bed alone reminds you of a feature film.

Track 7 ‘No 51 The Glory PtII’ Christon  delivers the Saturday morning ballad. This is the track that delivers  both  the smooth and the edge and will be the cross generational song.

Track 8 ‘Open Door (See You Later)’ This song is as good if not  better than any Chris Brown track on the radio right now.  You will put this one on repeat just to rhyme along. The bass line is fierce.

Track 9  ‘My Love Is Real’  This one reminds you of Michael Jackson. The  track brings us back to the days past of good music.  It puts you in the pocket of  ‘Can’t Help Myself’. You can play this song in yur backyard and your neighbors will want to know what it is.

Track 10 ‘Nowhere’ This is a CCM track that should introduce him to the tobyMac and Casting Crowns fans everywhere. It is a perfect fit. You will also hear bits of Israel Houghton in his lyric delivery.

Track 11  Black Male (black mail)  and Track 12 Black Male will leave you haunted!  Track 11 is the interlude that allows you to bop your head and get lost in the music bed. Track 12 is definitely a conversation starter.  The song tells a story that will reflect the urgency that we all feel now in our society. It is a societal commentary track that can and should be heard.

Track 13 ‘Follow You’ This song is more than a gospel song. It is a life song. There are songs that come along that you will be left singing and remembering after it stops playing. This is the pick you up and be encouraged song.

The new album will be available on on March 11, 2016.

Watch the video below for Track 6 ‘Connor McDees’


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