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Designed for those seeking a durable, modern upgrade to their existing toilet seat, Delta Faucet Company today unveiled the Sanborne™ Toilet Seat with NightLight and the Sanborne™ Potty-Training Toilet Seat with NightLight. The technology provides a gentle, guiding light through the night and eliminates the need for glaring bathroom lights during nighttime tasks.

“We recognized the need for a toilet seat that combines modern technology with basic, everyday needs,” noted Josh Feldman, Delta senior product manager. “Delta® toilet seats with NightLight deliver a nighttime solution and convenience for adults as well as added functionality for young, potty-training family members with an ideal, all-in-one product.”

The NightLight Technology operates on a self-activating timer to ensure energy efficiency when the soft blue LED light illuminates. Powered by four AA batteries, the NightLight emits a blue glow when the toilet seat is up or down. Each illumination cycle runs 9 hours on and 15 hours off. To reset the timer for a new schedule, simply remove and replace a battery at the preferred time.

An alternate option for young families is the Sanborne™ Potty-Training Toilet Seat with NightLight. Two seats in one with a guiding light, this toilet seat easily converts for potty-training and reduces bathroom clutter. A child-size ring securely fits within the lid and eliminates the inconvenience of emptying a traditional potty-training toilet. The potty seat gently lifts up, to create a comfortable seat for the whole family. When potty-training is complete, simply remove the child seat and continue to enjoy the benefits of the NightLight.

The Delta Toilet Seats with NightLight include the following features:

  • Automatic Timer: Ensures energy is not wasted via a self-operating timer for an illumination cycle of 9 hours on and 15 hours off
  • Battery-Operated Light: Four AA batteries power the NightLight and last up to 6 months
  • Slow-Close Lid: Prevents slamming, allowing the seat to close quietly
  • Quick Release Seat: Enables quick, easy removal of the seat for cleaning
  • NoSlip Seat: Bumpers keep the seat from shifting, improve stability for extra comfort
  • Universal Seat Designs: Fit most round front and elongated bowls
  • Durable Design: High-quality resin seat provides added weight for strength; seats are designed to resist fading, chipping, staining and peeling. Available in white

The Delta toilet seat with NightLight is available in round and elongated styles to fit most bowls. It is offered on and

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