listening musicThere is still a sense of life in the music industry!

PlayNetwork announced the first completely new media platform that evolves how forward-thinking retail brands use music, video and new technology to increase employee and consumer engagement, connect commercial and consumer music platforms and changes the way people discover, share and take-away music in-store, online, through social media and mobile devices.

“Music and entertainment media are critical to creating and delivering a complete brand experience,” said Craig Hubbell, CEO of PlayNetwork. “Brands are looking to the power of music and other forms of emotional content as part of their core brand identity.”

Starbucks is one of the first brands to leverage PlayNetwork’s entertainment media platform in more than 7,500 US stores. To further increase both customer and employee engagement, Starbucks can now enable partners (employees) to select in-store playlists and provide a uniquely curated listening experience for customers.

Matthew Guiste, Starbucks Vice President, In-Store & Partner Digital Products says, “For decades, music has played a pivotal role in our stores,through our relationship with PlayNetwork, we’re able to ensure we remain at the forefront of how to integrate music into our retail environment and our mobile ecosystem.”

NYX Cosmetics is another example of an innovative brand creating new ways for consumers to explore and experience their products.  With the launch of the world’s first digitally-enabled NYX Professional Makeup stores, NYX is bringing the passion and innovation of the global, digitally-savvy beauty community into a brick and mortar environment.  To bring the energy of their online experience into the retail space, NYX chose PlayNetwork to curate their in-store music and digitally showcase the brand via wayfinders and large format displays located in store windows and interiors across the US and Canada.

“The interactive and digitally inspired approach to NYX Professional Makeup stores is relevant and timely for consumers and retail staff,” said Nathalie Kristo, NYX Cosmetics Senior VP of Marketing & Global Business. “Through PlayNetwork’s partnership, we are able to bring the colorful, creative world of NYX to life through a highly digitized, dynamic and energetic retail environment.”

PlayNetwork’s expertise is music curation, original content and global licensing combined with digital apps, APIs, flexible delivery options and strategic partners help brands elevate their customer experiences.  Added to the existing content services provided by PlayNetwork, brands can now:

  • Establish standards for entertainment media that align with a company’s brand identity.
  • Create sustainable content publishing cycles that align internal teams and unify content marketing programs, brand campaigns, environments and online properties.
  • Connect in-store, digital, mobile and live experiences.
  • Gain behavioral insights into audiences, allowing for better personalization and localization.
  • Empower employees to shape the store experience within their branded playlist.

This has promise. What do you think?

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