Bounce TV’s new show Saints & Sinners centered around the pursuit of power, intertwined with greed, deception, corruption and murder – all set against the backdrop of a large southern church. The series stars Vanessa Bell Calloway, Christian Keyes, Keith Robinson, Clifton Powell,Gloria Reuben, J.D. Williams, Jasmine Burke, Afemo Omilami and Richard Lawson.

This season has been a wonderful treasure trove of great storytelling. Dealing with faith stories can be a very sensitive thing.

The show  knocked it out the park. Future shows can take lessons from them in these ways.

#1- The storylines were believable. The first family was flawed, yet you wanted to cheer for them. You did not see the episodes as paper thin plausibilities, but small lifetales

#2- Character development was stellar! It has been a long time since we saw characters actually fleshed out to the point that you felt they were real people.

#3- They did not stray away from the brokeness of sin. Murder, sex and misbehavior bubbled up on screen with consequences that were visible. The show handled it all with grace and taste, even when they were going to give you a shock in a scene.

#4- The music was a character all within itself. Many times, when there is music on a show, or guest stars appear, you feel like it is a ‘stunt’. ‘Saints and Sinners’ hit it out the park. The music was appropriately placed and written into the show. It was not an afterthought.  The guests stars were well placed and realistic. Kelly Price got a chance to shine! We all knew she was talented, but the show showcased her talent in an organic way.

Watch her video  for the show featured  song ‘Grateful’ below:

Saints and Sinners became the most-watched program in Bounce TV history and the network has renewed the show for a second season, which will premiere in the first quarter of 2017.

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