medical-563427_960_720Healthcare spending in the U.S. is estimated at more than $3 trillion and the changes in our healthcare system are drastically affecting the relationship between doctors and patients. In an effort to help provide a guide for patients facing everything from routine physicals to invasive medical procedures, Betsy Cohen’s ILLNESS TO WELLNESS gives you a toolbox of practical, thoughtful strategies. Helping you manage the emotional, medical, spiritual and legal aspects of recovering, surviving and thriving after a health crisis, ILLNESS TO WELLNESS: Reclaiming Your Life After a Medical Crisis is an easy-to-follow road map through the complex medical system.

ILLNESS TO WELLNESS will help you:

       •       Develop strategies to improve your resilience and increase your quality of life.

       •       Learn to effectively communicate with your medical providers.

       •       Discover a variety of traditional and alternative therapies.

       •       Know how to watch out for medical errors and surgical mistakes.

       •       Manage recovery roadblocks and detours.

Betsy Cohen uses her thirty years of professional experience as a practicing rehabilitation therapist and case manager, and her own journey through a life-altering medical accident, to explain complicated situations with personal anecdotes and medical facts.

After a series of medical errors challenged her life and ability to heal, she wrote ILLNESS TO WELLNESS, using her professional expertise and personal experiences to develop a guide for others to learn how to navigate their own medical treatment and wellbeing within our complex healthcare system. Highlighting the obstacles for physicians, healthcare providers and patients, and offering practical tools, this book has been lauded by doctors and patients alike.

Betsy Cohen is a Certified and Licensed Rehabilitation Counselor, a Certified Case Manager, and an American Board Certified Senior Disability Analyst. She has specialized in the treatment of individuals who are affected by neurological and neuropsychiatric disabilities, chronic illness, and catastrophic conditions for the past thirty years. A sought-after speaker on issues relating to disability adjustment, the vocational rehabilitation process, and navigating the healthcare system, Betsy is focused on patient advocacy and improving communication between consumers and healthcare providers.

Betsy Cohen was born in Providence, Rhode Island, and currently lives in Newton, Massachusetts.

ILLNESS TO WELLNESS unlocks your power to heal and pilot the road ahead with greater certainty and control-ultimately rebuilding a life of meaning and satisfaction.

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