activationAdam Gellert wants people around the world to stop, for just one minute, and think about what it would be like to hear from God daily; to have Him unravel a boundless and life-changing journey at their feet and invite them to experience an existence more amazing than they could have ever imagined.

It happened to Gellert and his family; this unexpected yet profound “activation” that brought God’s transforming power into their lives. It’s a life that has never been the same since.

In his compelling new book, ‘Activation: A Story of God’s Transforming Power’, Gellert invites readers to walk alongside him as that spiritual journey takes place, and to turn the last page poised and ready to accept God and His activation into their own lives.


Glory Clouds. A Salt Cave. Healings in the Night. Angel Encounters. The warmth and radiance of God’s touch and soothing voice.

When God decides to activate your life through His transforming power, amazing adventures await. Join Adam Gellert and his family on a journey of incredible revelations and discoveries, and see how God desires to reveal His true nature to all of us, His children.

Are you ready for your ACTIVATION?

“God wants to activate and transform your life,” explains Gellert, “and my book shares examples of what an activated life can look like. Everyone wants a new beginning, and the great news is that anyone can!”

“It’s a book that urges readers to look back on the life they have led to date, to envision the life that God intends them to have, and then bridge this gap through God’s transforming power,” says Gellert. “God’s activation morphed my family and I into people with lives and opportunities we didn’t think we were entitled to – and any reader can easily be next.”

Early reviews for the book have been overwhelmingly positive. For example, author Dr. Walter Fletcher comments, “In his book, Activation: A Story of God’s Transforming Power, Adam Gellert invites you along on a personally told spiritual journey with God. He is not alone on this adventure of self-discovery, growth and miracles along the way. It’s about faith, family and new beginnings for friends who join them on their journey. Be amazed, encouraged and personally challenged.”

Rev. Rod Carlson adds, “The opposite of ‘activated’ is not ‘average’ or ‘normal.’ It is ‘inactive!’ If your walk with Christ could easily be seen by others as an aimless stroll… and you hunger to move into the dynamic adventure of whole-heartedly following Jesus, let Adam’s story encourage you to trust God for a Kingdom life that you may have previously considered beyond your reach or gifting.”

Bob Emery writes, “You will enjoy reading this testimony of a life awakened and in pursuit of God. But the sequel—what God reveals in seasons two, three and beyond is something for which I eagerly await!”

The foreword for the book is written by Ravi Kandal, founder of Kingdom Foundations (  Ravi was also featured in the movie Father of Lights from Wanderlust Productions (  In one of the more incredible stories from the book, God told Ravi to connect with 682 people on LinkedIn during the fall of 2014, and Adam Gellert was one of the names God gave to Ravi. Though the two did not know each other previously, God had a great purpose in mind when He made this divine connection.  The rest of this amazing story can be found in the book, and this story continues to play out in real time.

The book is on shelves now.

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