heart-care-1040227_960_720More than 15% of hospice patients are between the ages of 35 and 64.

If you haven’t had to deal with it already, hospice care is something each of us will have to consider.  A parent, a spouse, a brother or sister, a coworker, young or old, it isn’t just old age anymore.  Cancer is just one disease that can take someone at an early age, but when it is time for someone, young or old, to give up on the fight and face a final fate, hospice services are often called upon.

Hospice care may not be for everyone, but it can be useful for anyone. Medicare is supposed to help pay for specialized care in the final 6 months of life, but many patients call on hospice care with only days left to live. This service can help the sick as well as their families. Hospice caretakers have a wealth of experience in watching people in their final days and often provide a great deal of insight and counseling on what to expect and when, which aids the family in their own time of stress and anguish.

Hospice is not a happy subject, but it can still be informative and having background on it as a discussion, understanding its role in society, and in healthcare, can be newsworthy. Let us help you tell the story.

There are have facilities and staff in your local  area who have the skills and experience to help you tell a story of someone was touched by hospice care and how it let the family of loved ones, be the supportive family, and not just caretakers of the sick.  It is important to consider the unseen value of loved ones grieving and being the daughter, the husband, or the mother of the sick.  They should not have to be consumed with medication schedules, meal preparations, bathing, and taking vitals.  Hospice allows that, it allows family to fulfill the roles they live and cherish any final days remaining.

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When most people think of hospice care, they think of an inpatient facility or hospital. Hospice can provide inpatient care for those in nursing or other facilities but we can also help those who wish to remain in their own homes. Many people want to stay in a familiar environment and remain as close as possible to loved ones. We believe hospice care should be available where the patient lives, no matter where that is.

Understandably, providing care to a terminally ill person can be emotionally difficult and physically stressful. Hospice services can include respite care, where we offer caregivers a short break to rest and recharge.

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