Good entertainment that the whole family can watch that is not objectionable is hard to find. I love adding dvds to my collection like that. Here are this week’s top 5 picks.

Medical Procedure junkies will love the fast pace of  this one.


Code Black

Based on actual events, Code Black chronicles the high-intensity medical cases that arrive at the Los Angeles County Hospital’s emergency room. This medical drama follows the adrenaline-filled lives of the hospital’s doctors and nurses who perform high-risk procedures on Los Angeles’s poorest citizens. Code Black will take the viewer into the heart of America’s mounting health crisis and the consequences of red-tape bureaucracy that can be the difference between life and death.

A faith pick that does not take your intelligence lightly


Last Days in the Desert

Jesus struggles against the temptations of the Devil during his forty days in the wilderness, where he is fasting and praying to God the Father before his final test as the human Son of God and the spiritual Savior of Man. During his arduous journey through and out of the desert wilderness, he encounters a crisis-stricken family in need of his supernatural help, and battle’s with the Devil over their ultimate fate.


A lesson for bullying  is presented in a simple digestible bite.

The Angry Birds Movie 2016-CoveRdvdGratiS.Com V1Angry Birds

Based on characters in the colossally popular phone app Angry Birds, this animated comedy gives viewers the back story behind what made the birds so angry. Starring a familiar cast of characters that audiences have already come to know and love, there is non-stop action. Bomb, Red and Chuck lead the way, and it’s their job to find out why the pigs are visiting their island. This motley crew of flightless birds may have their issues, but once they combine forces they’re unstoppable.

A good humor take on evil versus good

Lucifer: Season 1

Lucifer (2016) Season 1 BluRay CoverLucifer Morningstar has grown tired of the dull responsibilities that come with commanding the fiery depths of the underworld. Abandoning his throne as the ruler of Hell, he takes up residence in Los Angeles, where he opens a nightclub called Lux and seeks to find happiness in the simple pleasures of human life. Eventually signing on with the Los Angeles Police Department as a consultant, he uses his wicked wit and supernatural abilities to aid the LAPD in apprehending criminals of all sorts.

The final pick is just viewing.

Elementary-Season-4-2016--Front-Cover-109042Elementary Season 4

Sherlock Holmes, a recovering heroin addict from London, attempts to rebuild his life in New York City with the help of Joan Watson, his sober companion. He cultivates a relationship with a police captain and earns a reputation for being able to solve cases that leave the police baffled. Brilliant but abrasive, Holmes has difficulty interacting with witnesses and police, and Watson acts as a buffer between him and the world. Despite her desire to remain detached, Watson becomes fascinated by the way Holmes works. Together, the two solve mysteries and build an unlikely friendship. He teaches her about the science of deduction, and she helps him deal with his addiction, his uneasy relationships with his father and his older brother and his memories of the woman he loved and lost.

Happy viewing!

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