Judaica Intricate Papercut Artist to be Featured in Parsons Alumni Exhibition

nancy-sk-screenshotNancy Schwartz-Katz, a graduate of Parsons School of Design, will be featured at the 2016 Parsons Alumni Exhibition for her Judaica artwork, a six layer papercut entitled Homeland/Promised Land. A cultural honor for the Jewish community, Schwartz-Katz was chosen from more than 600 applicants for a coveted spot in the prestigious showcase. This show exclusively features Parsons alumni who are in the top of their artistic fields.

The exhibition is open to the public October 16th-31st at the Arnold and Sheila Aronson Galleries in Manhattan.

Homeland/Promised Land is inspired by Ruth Calderon’s 2013 Knesset speech. This work of art represents hope for a mutual understanding of all the religious sects in Israel, a theme culturally relevant in Israel today. The Parson’s Alumni exhibit provides an excellent platform to disseminate the message on peace.

Through the intricately engaging cut, Schwartz-Katz interprets Calderon’s telling of Rabbi Rachamie, whose name means “womb.” The word “Rachamim,” a derivative of this word means “empathy.” The root of the two words is “Ramah,” corresponding with 248, the amount of organs in the body. Schwartz-Katz creates this by layering the papercut with the history of the Jews in a womb embraced by Calderon’s words of how the Torah has been “given to all of us.” Each of Homeland/Promise Land paper layers is rooted in our history. Where we are today is based on past and future generations.

Schwartz-Katz uses a variety of mediums to tell the stories of individuals, organizations, and history, all the while aiming to explore different aspects of humanity and Judaism. From exquisite custom ketubot, to paintings, and papercuts illustrating bible stories, Nancy is a master of capturing moments in time. Inspired by Jewish art and history, and through her creative use of color, materials, and variation of detail, Nancy creates unique symbolism enhancing the subject in order to define the salient features of the work of art.

As a former New York resident, Schwartz-Katz has a strong connection to the local creative community. Her work is currently featured at the Brooklyn Art Library and the statewide through various commissioned jobs. Her works have been featured in, and commissioned by a variety of Jewish schools, community centers, and national organizations.

In addition to the Parson’s juried exhibition, Schwartz-Katz is exhibiting in the New Now 2016, a regional juried show in Cleveland. The Eighth Annual Figurative Drawing and Painting Competition and Exhibition at the Lore Degenstein Gallery in Selinsgrove, Pennsylvania, opening October 22, 2016.

For the past 18 years, she has specialized in creating Judaic art. Through the use of a variety of media, she is adept at telling the stories of individuals, organizations, history, and ultimately, humanity. By her use of color, materials and variation of detail, she is able to create a unique way of applying symbolism, enhancing a particular story in order to define the salient features of the subject matter. Nancy most prefers working with gouache on paper and papercutting.

Enjoy a sample of her work below:

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