One Christmas Eve, as Roque Fernandez and his family were preparing for another memorable holiday, his son handed him a note – a beautiful, carefully-crafted letter to Santa. It brought a tear to Fernandez’s eye.

“My son was too young to write so had drawn each of the presents he wanted,” he explains. “It had obviously taken him a long time and, through this outpouring of his heart and the anticipated magic of what was to come, I came to see that Christmas provides some of the purest and most special displays of the innocence of childhood. This is when I decided that, rather than post the letter and lose it forever, it deserved to be kept as a family heirloom and raw display of purity.”

An innovative creator at heart, Fernandez’s idea rapidly spiralled into a keepsake book that he’s now about to release to the world. ‘The First Letters of Christmas’ is part storybook, part scrapbook and a timeless keepsake that no family should be without.


The First Letters of Christmas has been carefully crafted to capture and store some of the most endearing moments that grace our lives at Christmas, one of the most wonderful times of the year.

How many letters are written to Santa each year, all of them containing not only the obligatory list of new toys but far more precious to us than that they also contain the purest essence of childhood those moments when our children whole heartedly believe in Santa Claus.

Along with intricate illustrations that depict an inspiring journey towards the most anticipated night of the year The First Letters of Christmas also holds a letter template that helps each child to write their special note to Santa whilst holding back a copy allowing you to revisit that special moment in years to come.

The story of Santa Claus and his dear Wife Mrs Claus is loving retold with an emphasis on the power and magic that each letter and wish gives to Santa.

A multicultural cast of elves playfully engage in the story as it unfolds and Santa’s sleigh receives its full charge from the magic collected from each letter sent.

The role of Mrs Claus emulates that of most mothers over Christmas as they strive for the most perfect Christmas ever.

The book, sourced from an audit compliant manufacturer, has been beautifully bound in leather to give it that “Dickensian” Christmas look and feel and also so that it can stand the test of time and be put away with the Christmas decorations to be brought out each December when the festive season is upon us again bringing our tag line to life.

“My goal with the book is to create Christmases for life, and not just for Christmas!” says Fernandez. “I want families to have a book through which they can come together to enjoy a traditional festive story, while also preserving the most heart-warming moments of childhood that end up scratched onto bits of paper. The experience of my son handing me his first note is etched into my mind forever; a feeling so magical in its own right that I believe every family should experience it.”

Continuing, “I have created the book without the aid of a publisher or agent; driven by my passion for family and everything it stands for, rather than seeing it as a “business” or “product”. Final touches are currently being put in place and you can expect to see the volume available for purchase very soon.”

‘The First Letters of Christmas’ is due for imminent release and will be available exclusively from select social media shops, as well as the author’s own website:

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